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St. Moriz Tan

St. Moriz Moisturizing Tan Enhancer

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About Moisturizing Tan Enhancer - 6.76 fl OZ

The Moisturizing Tan Enhancer formulated with added benefit ingredients such as Aloe Vera, deeply hydrates skin to help prepare it for tanning and will also ensure you keep your natural golden looking tan for longer. 

  • Maintains a natural tan for longer with moisture rich formula
  • Oil free to prevent any breakdown of tan
  • Essential for all to create and prolong the ultimate tan

How-to apply

  1. Before your tanning session, apply to dry areas of the skin (Elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles).
  2. Allow to dry before applying your St. Moriz tanning product.
  3. After your self-tan has developed and the guide color (if product contains one) has been rinsed off, use daily to help skin hydrated and silky soft for a longer lasting and professional looking tan.

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