Tan Tribe Tips

Our Tan Tribe wants you to have the best tanning experience possible. Check out our tan expert tips here that include making sure your skin is prepped for tanning, gets a smooth, natural, everyday glow and that your tan is maintained flawlessly.


The Exfoliating Skin Primer is the secret to achieving the perfect, most professional, natural looking tan.
• Preps, primes, and evens skin before tan application
• Exfoliates skin leaving it feeling smooth and silky ready for tan application
• Tested on sensitive skin

Tan wITH Applicator Mitt:

 If you are looking to achieve a streak free professional finish, the St. Moriz Self-Tanning Mitt is perfect for providing a flawless tanning application.
• Stain Free Hands
• Streak Free Tan
• Professional Flawless Finish


The Moisturising Tan Enhancer formulated with added benefit ingredients such as Aloe Vera, deeply hydrates skin to help prepare it for tanning and will also ensure you keep your natural golden looking tan for longer.
• Maintains a natural tan for longer with moisture rich formula
• Oil free to prevent any breakdown of tan
• Essential for all to create and prolong the ultimate run.

Top Tan Tricks:

1. Pick the right tan for your skin type
If you suffer with dryer skin, consider a tan that will infuse moisture (like the St. Moriz Tanning Lotion). If your skin is not too dry a mist or mousse will be perfect! Not sure which one to try, visit our GET YOUR GLOW tanning quiz.
. Hard to reach?
When you beau isn’t around to help you tan, simply put the applicator mitt on a hair brush and you’ll have no trouble evenly applying your tan, even on those hard to reach areas like your back.
3. Fix mistakes tan with… baking soda
Mix a small amount of baking soda with water to make a paste and rub the streaky part of your tan away (without disturbing the rest of your tan). You can then go over the patch gently with your tanning mitt to blend well.
4. Get perfectly tanned hands & feet
Spend extra time exfoliating the nooks and crannies here! Use your mitt very gently and then go in with a synthetic makeup brush with a small bit of tan on it to blend perfectly.

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